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Getting Started

Create an Account
New to LiveTranslate? Sign up for a brand new account on LiveTranslate is very easy with a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your details into the form on

  2. Create your password

  3. Check the checkbox to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  4. Click the Sign Up button

  5. In the activation email you received from LiveTranslate, click on the activation link

You will receive a confirmation email after the activation is done.
Any sign up without activation is only valid for 7 days.

Sign Up with Facebook and Google Account
Instantly sign up with your Facebook or Google account! Save time from entering repetitive data.

Log In
If you have a LiveTranslate account, you can log in to your account directly. Just enter your email address and password and clicks Log In.

Forgotten Password
Forgot your password?
Click on the Forgotten Password link. It will bring you to the Reset Password page.
Enter your email address here and we will reset the password for you. Check your email and log in with the newly generated password. You can always change your password later.


This is the first page after you logging in. You will find several sections here. When you have navigated to other pages, you can always click on Home to come back.

Account Summary
After logging in, you will see a summary box shown on the top of the main page.

Information you see:

  1. Your user profile

  2. Total credit balance

  3. Total jobs submitted

  4. Total jobs closed

  5. Total jobs open for translation

Credit balance that will expire refers only to rewards you earned from introducing other members. Each reward is valid for 1 year.

Navigation Bar
Navigation bar allows you to perform different actions on this site. Just click on one of them to navigate to that section.
You can find out more about each of them in the following topics.

Transaction List Table
Here, you can find jobs you have submitted and their current status. Clicking on the reference number will open the job in detail.

User Profile

You can edit / update your user profile and password anytime.
On the summary box, click on Edit profile. Update your details here and save changes.
Click on Change password to change your password.


Add New Job
Add your job here. From Navigation Bar, go to Job -> Add New Job.
On the Add New Job page, follow the steps below:

  1. Add description to your job for reference.

  2. Select the job type - translation / proofreading / editing. You will be charged according to the job type.

  3. Choose your document / content source language and your target language - the language you want to translate to.

  4. You can submit plain text or a document.
    a) Upload file content
         LiveTranslate currently supports Microsoft Office, text files and PDF file types. Browse for your document location and click Submit.

    b) Plain text content
         Put your plain text contents into the box provided and click Submit.

  5. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog - stating the total word count and charges. Click Confirm to submit your job or Cancel to close the dialog.

Delete Job
LiveTranslate allows you to delete your jobs if their job status is marked as "open" - which means they have not started.
From Navigation Bar, go to Job -> Delete Job.
On the Delete Job page, you can find all your jobs marked as "open". Follow the steps below to delete job(s):

  1. Select the job(s) you want to delete by clicking on its dustbin icon.

  2. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog - stating the amount to be credited back to your account. Click Confirm to delete your job or Cancel to close the dialog.

Transaction History

You can search for your past top-ups and job records here. There are several ways to search:

Search by Reference Number
Each top-up or job is assigned a reference number. If you are looking for a particular transaction and know its number, select the reference number and enter it into the field and Search.

Search by Period
Choose the Period button if you want to see the records within certain period. You can pick from "last 10 days", "last 20 days", "last 30 days" and "last 60 days".

Search by Date Range
Set your date range to search for your transaction records. Pick the Date From and Date To for the range. Click Search.

You can always click on the reference number for a detailed top-up / job view.

Job Detailed View
By clicking the job reference number, you can find your job info in detail.
An exciting part of this view – you can watch your job being processed LIVE! When the job status shows "Check-out", you can always click on it to monitor our translator doing their job. This feature is only applicable to plain text currently.
While the job status shows as "Translated"/ "Edited"/ "Proofed", the completed job is ready. You may print, copy, or download it.
Rate the job for job performance improvement purposes.
If you have any questions regarding the job, post your comments via the Comment box and check Request Review. We will review your job after it is posted. Otherwise, click Accept & Close to close it.
You can decide whether to remove the contents and request to send a copy of the job to your email account. Actions will be done after the respective buttons are clicked.

Top-Up Detailed View
You can get the full details of a top-up transaction by clicking its top-up reference number. Click on Print to print it out anytime too!


You use the credit value in your account to pay for jobs you submitted. Each top-up you made will be credited to your account.

Top-Up via Credit Card
You can top-up anytime when your credit balance is insufficient. Top-up can be done via credit card. This is the fastest way.
From Navigation Bar, go to Payment.
On the Credit Top-Up page, fill in your top-up amount and mobile number. Click Submit to proceed.

* Minimum top-up amount is RM10.00
* The transaction will appear under the name of "NetBuilder EC" in your credit card statement.

Top-Up via Other Methods
Besides credit card, you may also top-up via other methods:

  • Online transfer
  • Direct bank-in
  • By cheque

For online transfer / direct bank-in, kindly fax or email the following to us:

  1. Bank-in slip
  2. State your full name and email address
  3. Payment purpose - LiveTranslate top-up

For cheque, kindly post the following to us:

  1. Cheque made payable to "The Name Technology Sdn. Bhd."
  2. State your full name and email address
  3. Payment purpose - LiveTranslate top-up

Job Rate
We offer attractive flat rate for all text – general and technical text. No more wasting time on getting quotation from different sources.
There is no minimum charge on your job. You are charged based on total word count per job.
Currently, our rates are as follow:
Translation      – RM0.28 per word
Editing / Proofreading – RM0.15 per word
We also offer special discount for bulk translation (more than 50,000 words). Contact us for more details.


We are giving free credits to Dewan Eja Pro 8 users for their continuous support. Provide your serial number to redeem it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What language does LiveTranslate support?
Currently, LiveTranslate supports translation for English, Malay and Chinese.

Q. How much do I need to pay for my translation jobs?
Your job is charged based on your total word count. You will be prompted with total word count and charges before submitting your job.

Please refer to Support -> Payment for rate details.

Q. How secure is your system? Will my content be disclosed?
Only our authorized translators are allowed to access your job content for processing. All content will be archived periodically. You may also choose to delete your job(s) content at any time.

Q. There is a cross sign X beside the email address field while I sign up. What does it mean?
There are 2 cases:
(i)  The email address you entered might belongs to an existing account, or

(ii)  It may have been registered. If you are the owner, please check your inbox whether you have missed any activation email sent by LiveTranslate team. You need to activate the account before using it.

Q. I did not receive any activation email. What should I do?
After signing up, LiveTranslate will send the activation email to your email address. Please check the following:

  • Your junk folder – it might end up there depending on your security setting
  • You might have accidentally entered an invalid email address

Contact our support at +60 3 83193388 or send us an email at to request for resending of activation email.

Q. It said it’s expired when I try to activate my account. Can I still use the same email address?
You need to activate your account after sign up, or it will expire after 7 days.

You may sign up again using your preferred email address, and activate it within 7 days.

Q. What is Introducer Email? Where should I find it?
Introducer email is the email of our member who has introduced you to this web service. If someone introduced you, put in his/ her email address, he/ she will earn reward on your first top-up.

If you introduce other people to use this service, remind them to include you as an introducer. You will be rewarded on their first top-up later.

Just leave it blank if you do not have any introducer.

Q. How can I change my password?
On the summary box, click on Change password. You can edit / update your password here. Click on Update to save your new password.

Q. I saw there is job queue number shown beside my jobs, but not top-ups. What is it?
Job queue number is an indicator for open jobs in the queue. It includes the queue number and estimated waiting time before your job starts.